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Sri Lanka's Largest Online Ad Network

Linking Sri Lankan Advertisers and Publishers

AdLink is the first growing CPC ad network in Sri Lanka which links more than 1000 web publishers with Sri Lankan top class Advertisers.

AdLink serves more than 400,000 average ads per day with a rapid growth. This service can be introduce as an alternative and a native solution for social media advertising in Sri Lanka.


CPC Advertising

No need to pay for display ads

AdLink follows the CPC (Cost per Click) advertising method which advertisers has to pay only for the clicks.


Local Language Support

Sinhala, English & Tamil

Advertisers can create ads using Sinhala, English or Tamil. This will help to target Sri Lankan local audience to the ads very easily.


Focused Audience

AdLink is for all Sri Lankans

AdLink gives a chance to Sri Lankans to engage with an online ad network even their web or blog is not in English.


Earn Money

Earn with AdLink

AdLink helps to all Sri Lankan web authors to earn extra money from their webs or blogs. AdLink will transfer publisher’s money withdrawals directly to their Bank account.


Free Ad Impressions

Display ads for free

Advertiser will get all the impression for free and it’s a huge advantage for them to target the exact leads to their businesses.


Target the right audience

Leads from Sri Lankans

AdLink get 90% hits from Sri Lankans. It is an advantage for all the native advertisers to get right leads to their brands specially targeting for Sri lankans.

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