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About us

Who We Are

We are Bhasha

We are an Innovative & Award-winning Sri Lankan Technology Company that focuses on developing groundbreaking Localized Software Solutions for Sri Lankans.

Having a deep vision to “Empower the Masses”, our core aim is to empower the lives of Sri Lankans with the best of the best technology in the world by providing them the access to the technology. We are fuelled by passion & obsessed on quality.

Our Strategy

Introducing new technology solutions to Sri Lankans at low or no cost while building a solid business foundation with innovative business models.

Our Passion

Technology is out there, but only some have access to it. Our passion is to take the technology to everyone in Sri Lanka by offering localized solutions.

Our Experience

Years of experience have battle hardened us to achieve the perfectness by learning through our own mistakes. Being perfect is awesome!

Our Design

We love the simplicity & that’s what has made our products much more easy to use. It also ensures that they looks gorgeous & functions perfectly.

Our Team

Having the right team is critical for any business. We have the best team in the world fuelled by passion & lead by an award-winning entrepreneur.

Our Community

Serving more than two million end-users, we’re a well known technology brand in Sri Lanka among the local community.

A Team you can count on

All the achievements of our organization are the results of the combined and best effort of each individual.

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