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Location Tracking Platform

GPS based Location Tracking System

Locator is a location based route tracking & scheduling system. This app enables to track the location of people in real time, usually within a contained area for every second after you started your activity if GPS signal is available.

User has privilege to check-in the locations when they are reached and it will keep the check in history for future refer.


Real-time Tracking

GPS based accurate tracking on Map

A real time tracking determines the precise location of a person to which it is attached and to record the position of the person at regular intervals.


Place scheduling

Daily route planning

Plan your daily routing by defining locations for a specific user. Then user can do check in when they reached to scheduled location.


Manual Check-ins

User checks‐in manually at places

Manual check-in enables when the user reaches to already defined locations.


Automatic Check-ins

When user visits pre‐defined places

The recorded location data can be stored in the app. Then Locator will automatically do the check ins to pre – defined locations.


Status/Photo Upload

Upload comments & photos

App allows uploading photos with comments to back office via GPRS.

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