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SETT Browser

Sinhala Tamil web browser

Read Sinhala/Tamil
on your Mobile

SETT Sinhala/Tamil (Sri Lanka/India) web browser is the exclusive Sinhala/Tamil enabled web browser for Android.

SETT Browser comes with an innovative rendering engine which renders Sinhala Tamil using Unicode web fonts. It does NOT use bitmaps unlike OperaMini, so you will not be charged an extra cent for reading Sinhala/Tamil content.

SETT Browser

Sinhala Support

Sinhala on Mobile

Even though Android device does not support Sinhala, users still can read any Sinhala web content with SETT.


Sinhala Web Browsing

First ever App in Sinhala

Sett browser is first ever Sinhala enabled web browser for Android.


No need to Root

Display Sinhala on your mobile

No need to root your device, if the device dosent supports Sinhala.


Trilingual Support

Support Sinhala/Tamil/English

SETT Browser comes with an innovative rendering engine which renders Sinhala/Tamil/English using Unicode web fonts.


Tabbed Browsing

Unlimited Tabs

Unlimited Tabbed browsing is a feature in SETT Browser that enables you to open multiple websites in a single browser window.


Web Browser Behaviour

Browsing History & Bookmark Feature

Sync, Import & Export Bookmarks & History with default browser. SETT browser has the ability to retrieve bookmarks from Firefox Sync.

Some of the app screenshots


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