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Instant Messaging for Sri Lanka

IM App for Sri Lankans

Yalu is an Instant Messaging App exclusively designed for Sri Lankans to express their selves with their friends & loved Ones in their own Sri Lankan way.

It allows sending text, stickers, photos, images & locations via a chat thread. This app enables users to chat in Sri Lankan way using attractive Sinhala stickers drawn with Sri Lankan characters & slangs used by Sri Lankans in their day to day life.


Yalu offers an easy method to type in Sinhala by just typing in Siglish & then pressing space to convert in to Sinhala.

Not only text, you can share photos, stickers, locations & many rich media with your friends on Yalu.

Use attractive Sri Lankan flavoured stickers while chatting. Exclusively designed using Sri Lankan Characters, slangs & memes.


Language Support

Universal Sinhala/Tamil support

This comes with in-build Sinhala Rendering technology to view the text in Sinhala even if the device doesn’t support for Sinhala language.

Some of the app screenshots


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