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Sales Force Automation Apps

Sales force automation & monitoring solution for Sales Agents


  • Sales management
  • Customer Management
  • Quotationing
  • Invoicing
  • Cash Collection
  • Printing receipts
  • View Business Performances
  • Customer services
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Mobile Banking Apps

SmartPhone banking solution for Android & iOS


  • Balance inquiry
  • Bill payments
  • Fund transfers
  • Transaction history reports
  • Branch locations map
  • Exchange rates calculator
  • Service promotions
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Mobile TV Apps

On-demand & TV streaming solution


  • Live TV streaming
  • On-demand TV show listing
  • Episode listing
  • Play YouTube/MP4 videos
  • On-demand Music video listing
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Mobile News Reader Apps

Mobile news reader solution


  • List news titles
  • View detailed news
  • Support text, images, audio & video
  • Local language support
  • Share news via social media
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Mobile Survey Apps

Mobile survey solution for research industry


  • Download Surveys from Backend
  • Supports MCQ & various question types
  • QR code scanning
  • GPS location
  • Photo capturing
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Mobile Social Media Apps

A location-based, interest-centric social media application is initially being targeted to the young generation and will connect users in the same geographical location who share the same interests and want to participate in activities related to those interests.


  • New User Discoveries
  • Picture Albums
  • Check – Ins
  • Activities Planner
  • Kewl Connection/Circle
  • Instant Chat
  • Instant Notifications
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